Travelling in Vietnam – An unbiased Traveller’s Guide

Vietnam’s elongated shape makes it a wonderfully easy spot for their travel, basically an individual have two choices to make about your route – do i go north to south or south to north? It is surprisingly easy to explore as an independent traveler, but there are also many groups that you can choose to join as well. Here follows a list of must-see destinations on your itinerary.

Hanoi – My all time favourite city has to be the capital, Hanoi. Among the list of more touristy things to attend to here are the water 베트남 밤문화 puppet show including a war museum, which as a Westerner is most enlightening. It’s not often we get to see a war and all of its propaganda by having a different lens. In the same vein, if not a little macabre, is a visit to see the preserved body of Ho Chi Minh. Away from the visitors attractions are some lovely streets to explore and some great cafes. True, Hanoi has its fair share of chicken wings and western joints, but there are restaurants with no other tourists included and you don’t have to go too far off the overwhelmed track to find them either.

HalongBay – Hanoi is also the obvious starting point for a trip to see Halong Bay with its very impressive limestone rock formations. Most people explore the area on a traditional Vietnamese junk. As well as cruising past some amazing scenery, you will also get the chance to explore some naturally formed limestone caves. The top end junks tend to be pretty luxurious, with top notch food and lovely cabins to boot.

Sapa – Another popular side trip from Hanoi is Sapa, in the north east corner of the country. Reached by an easy overnight train from Hanoi, this impressive hl station is home to local hl tribes who congregate at the booming market to sell their wares. The peace of the valleys and the verdant green terraces are a welcome respite from the busy, dirty towns and many residents of Hanoi choose to escape here at the weekends to escape the heat of the city.

Hue – This town saw many of the most crucial struggles in the Vietnam war, the Tet offensive, and is a must see destination on your trip. Almost no of the ancient citadel, which was home to the forbidden city when the town was the capital, has lasted, but you can still surf round the grounds and get a feel for the place and search for a cultural show. From Hue, you have the option of a boat trip on the Perfume River to visit Thien Mu Pagoda and the royal Nguyen tombs, these, whilst common with many tourists, are not to be missed. From Hue you can also take a guided trip out to visit some of the tunnels searched by the Viet Cong during the war.

Hoi-An – This town is a very quaint and pretty spot for their visit. With arguably the best fusion of Vietnamese, Chinese and French influences, there are fabulous restaurants to eat in and some beautifully maintained Chinese style houses to visit. Town is also known for its shopping, with shoe makers and tailors a plenty to repeat almost everything of clothing that you require.

Mui Ne – This quiet and sleepy beach resort welcomes travelers from all walks of life, from backpacker to the more upmarket, there is something for everyone here. Unlike the beach resort of Nha Trang, further up the region, Mui Ne has a more stimulating and cool out ambiance. The sandy beach streets are a perfect spot for sunbathing, whilst the breezes make this a popular destination for wind surfers. For those who just can’t sit still, you can take a ride into the nearby sand dunes and go goosing on plastic sledges.

Ho Chi Minh City – This city used to be called Saigon and is famous for its role in the Vietnam war. As you visit the city, you can’t help but remember the desperate scenes beyond your American embassy back in the 1970’s. Now, however, the city has saved into a busy and bustling mainstay. Lacking, undoubtedly, the charm of Hanoi, it is still worth a trip and will in all probability feature on your itinerary. As well as the Reunification Palace and the Ho Chi Minh City museum, there is a busy Mary Thanh market to visit to sample some local food. Whilst you’re here, find the time to surf round the countless art shops full of students reproducing famous artwork. Never in your whole life will you see so many Mona Lisas gazing you!

Mekong Delta – A river trip exploring the vast Mekong Delta is a should do on your trip to Vietnam. You can either spend a day seeing the highlights, or get further off the overwhelmed track staying in an authentic homestay on an overnight trip. You will get to see a different side of Vietnam, visiting local families who live off the river, either through fishing, incense making or holidays. For those with time on their hands, you can catch a boat to the Cambodian border and travel through to Pnomh Penh.

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